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Today I finished Paul Tripp & Tim Lane’s book, Relationships: A Mess Worth Making and was pleasantly surprised. I have heard great things from Paul Tripps books and ministry, but didn’t know very much of Tim Lane. (On a side note, I am excited to meet both men at Biblical Counseling Training at Faith Biblical Counseling the first week in February.)

Right from the start the authors make it clear that they are no experts in relationships, but are still frail humans dependent on God’s grace to do what they do for God. Their aim for the book is that it “…will help you look through the shattered glass of our sin to see the glory of a Redeemer who is ever-present, always at work to rescue and change us.” (p.2)

The book is broken down into fifteen chapters highlighting major tenants of almost all of our relationships. Every chapter begins with a one or a few vignettes that help the reader envision the purpose of the chapter in their own relationships. Throughout each chapter they do a great job with presenting the material through the lens of scripture.

I think the overarching theme throughout the book is that relationships here are on earth are for God’s Glory and our benefit. “…your relationships have not been designed by God as vehicles for human happiness, but as instruments of redemption.” (p.110)

I highly recommend this book, whether you work in a church ministry or in a secular job.



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