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“All missionary ministry should be intricately connected to the planting of local churches. Church planting is not one of the things that missionaries do–it is the thing.”
God’s plan for social transformation is the gospel. Man is God’s method & God chooses men and women from local churches to go out and plant more local churches.

Quote is from David Doran’s book “For the Sake of His Name”, pg 128


Over at Kevin DeYoung’s blog he posts some good questions to consider for those that are involved in missions overseeing in the local church. His first point was spot on and wanted to quote a section for proof.

“Likewise, though our missionaries don’t have to be perfect (and we shouldn’t expect them to be), they must be growing in godliness and live lives above reproach. We certainly don’t want to create an adversarial relationship with our missionaries by constantly checking their life and doctrine, but by some mechanism (e.g., through an annual report, through personal contact, through denominational oversight) we want to make sure we are sending out the sort of people we would be happy to have serving in our own churches.”

Take 5 minutes and pop over to his blog to get the low down on missions for your local church.


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