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I have been woefully absent from blogging for a long time. In the midst of life adjustments I forgot about blogging, but I think I’m back. And I have also moved.

Come check out the new digs here:


It is still quite early in 2010, but so far I am on track in my pursuit to memorize a verse(s) per week for the year. Since I have proven in the past to be horrible at memorizing verses, I have taken greater lengths to keep the verse in front of me for the week.

First, I take one of my Apple stock desktop pictures each week and edit it with the week’s verse.

Verse for this week.

Second, I design some wallpaper for my iPhone with the week’s verse on it.

Verse for this week.

These two things are key for me, because I see each one of these screens multiple times each day. The third thing is to insert the verse into my signature for email’s that week. I type it each time for repetition and to help make it stick in my mind and heart.

Verse from last week.

The forth, and final, thing I do is text the verse to my wife on Monday. This is for two reasons, repetition and to encourage her.

Verse from last week.

So far these four things have worked for me. What works for you to help memorize and retain scripture?


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