I just began meeting with one of my Pastor’s on a weekly basis for accountability and encouragement. We decided to read a book to discuss – The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges. I thought I would share a few quotes that stuck out to me from the Introduction and 1st chapter.

“All of us, regardless of how long we have known Christ, need to bathe ourselves in the gospel every day.”

“… we have a truncated view of the gospel, tending to see it only as a door we walk through to become a Christian.”

He further says that we fail to see the gospel as the basis of our day-to-day acceptance with Him. That the gospel is good news that directly addresses the ultimate bad news of our lives. “…one sign of spiritual growth is an increased awareness of our sinfulness.”

The gospel is more than just fire insurance into heaven, it is our life and breath. Looking forward to diving into this book!