My wife and I started a new bible reading plan this past year. Although we weren’t as faithful to it as we would like, it was very challenging and a worthwhile pursuit. It is a system by Professor Horner, a teacher at Masters. Breakdown: you have to read a chapter of the Bible from 10 different books each day, that’s 10 chapters a day. It takes around 40-45 mins to finish each day.

I use Book Darts to mark where I left off instead of paper book markers (these a great book markers and you can get 100 for $10).

I then took the list, which breaks down what to read each day. Example: List 1 Matthew, Mark, Luke & John will take 89 days. List 2 Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy will take 187 days. So, for day one you would read Matthew 1, Genesis 1 and so on.

We have found this system to be one of the best that I have ever used. It’s doesn’t get hard to read, because each day you are in 10 different books of the Bible, different authors, different audiences, different settings. It is great and challenging. I have also found a site, for those that want a more electronic type reading plan, that you can select this plan and 19 others. See You Version for those plans, which can be done online at your computer or on your mobile phone.

Whatever you choose, just choose one and enjoy reading God’s word!