For the past week or so I have been planning for the summer. We are quickly approaching the time to be in full-time deputation and with that will come some more traveling. We are praying to be in Sweden by November 1st 2010 and because of that we need to be in Atlanta for some additional training before the move. So we are preparing for a two-month journey back to the east. Because of this journey we’ve decided to start a blog/journal of pictures for the next 365 days (starting Jan. 1 2010) that will give you a glimpse into what our year will look like, but more for a reminder of what God will do through our lives.

Most pictures will probably be taken with my cellphone, as this will be easier to carry. We will try to bring our camera along as much as possible.

A few rules:

We will only post one photo a day. Sometimes it won’t happen every day, but will post a week’s worth at a time, hopefully not backing up things along the way.

We will hopefully give a little description of what the photo is or what it means, but not always.

My wife will post pictures some days, but most will come from me. And as a added bonus Madelyn (our four year old) has a camera and we’ll post some pictures from her point of view.

Go over to our photo blog: to follow our photos.

Please feel free to comment on any picture, as we would love to hear from you.

We are looking forward to this journey ahead this next year and pray that we will become more Christlike in the process.