I have recently decided to bite the bullet and follow the process of ordination. This is something that has horrified me for some time, but we are at a good place for me to do this. So I have begun to polish up my doctrinal statement, removing heresy and such. This week I am studying Angels or Angelology for those theology buffs. In my reading of Wayne Grumdem’s Systematic Theology text I came across this description of how Angels show the greatness of God and plan for us.

“…though many angels sinned, none were saved. Peter tells us that ‘God did not spare the angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to pits of neither gloom to be kept until the judgement’ (2 Peter 2:4)… Now among the other group of moral creatures, human beings, we also find that a large number (indeed, all) have sinned and turned away from God. God could have let all of us go on our self-chosen path toward eternal condemnation. Had God decided to save no one out of the entire sinful human race, he would be perfectly just to do so, and no one could complain of unfairness on his part.

…This is incalculable mercy and love, far beyond our comprehension. It is all undeserved favor: it is all of grace. The striking contrast with the fate of angels brings this truth home to us.”

pp 402-403 Grumdem’s Systematic Theology

For those that we minister to that struggle with the doctrine of election, it is good to study the angels. Praise God for his mercy and grace to us!