I received a prayer letter from some friends serving in a foreign land this morning. What a challenge he put forth in just a short amount of paragraphs. Here is what it reads:

Tuesday, 10:35pm.  After a brimming full weekend of ministry (attending friend’s 50th birthday party, preaching at a small church), Monday had been a day of preparation for guests (6 arrived on Tuesday—two runs to the airport).  A neighbor had confided to us their marriage is on the brink.  Now when we wanted to be finding our pillows, we were sitting in our  neighbor’s kitchen, peeling back the debris from a war zone—a cruel and vicious war.

What hope do you offer two people who have systematically destroyed all hope, trust, and respect for each other?

Jesus Christ. He is the hope for the hopeless and a refuge for the broken.

I wish I could write and say that both offenders fell to their knees and prayed for forgiveness from each other from God.  As best as we could we enunciated the Gospel and told them of their need and the remedy found only in Christ.

How hard it is to see people remain unyielding and their hearts blinded.  But part of ministry, real ministry, is seeing people reject the truth and endeavoring to love them and continue to pray and continue to share God’s truth with them.  Real ministry takes a toll.  It takes endurance.  It takes walking by faith and not by sight.  It often comes when we are at the end of ourselves. When it is not convenient, or wanted, or ideal.  Please pray for us that we would have grace and strength to engage and face the opportunities of real ministry.