difficultdoctrineWe have always heard in Christian circles from a young age that God loves us, but seldom do we study the doctrine of the Love of God. The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God by D.A. Carson is just a short book (96 pages) that is drawn from four lectures he delivered in 1998. This book makes for an easy read, despite some deep theology.

The book is broken down into four chapters, On Distorting  the Love of God; God is love; God’s Love and God’s Sovereignty and God’s Love and God’s wrath. Each chapter does well in exploring what the Bible teaches on the given subject. He also does a great job in presenting a balanced view without sounding judgemental towards those that might be differing. His discussion on the view of limited atonement is worth the purchase price of the book.

Overall I found this book refreshing and thought provoking. It was nice not having to sift through hundreds of pages of text, but being able in a short hour or two to cover this doctrine with great ease and explanation. I highly recomend this book.