128316-albeit-macht-frei---freedom-through-work--famous-gate-at-dachau-dachau-germanyWe just recently got back from a trip. My wife and I flew from Seattle to Munich Germany for a conference, and had a few days prior to explore some of Germany’s history. Our second day we decided to visit the very first Concentration Camp, established in Dachau Germany. This was a very sobering few hours our our trip. So much so, we didn’t talk a lot. It was too much to take in. I wanted to make mention of one thing that we read while walking around the grounds. We walked into the Jewish Memorial and found a note that someone had written in remembrance. It said,

“We remember those that have died in this horrific way and know that this will never happen again if we have peace in our hearts.”

My bible says otherwise. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9 Our hearts before coming to Christ, are “desperately wicked” and are not full of peace. (Rom. 1:21; 2:5; Eph. 4:18)

Without Christ I am filthy rotten sinner. Without Christ I can do no good in myself. Without Christ I have no real peace in my heart.