CoverThere are very few books that take me longer than a month to read through entirely because of content and not length. This book is one. I was drawn to this book because of the deep content and fluid writing style of Jerry Bridges.

The book is laid out in two parts: (1) Christ’s Atonement: Overview and Context (2) The Apostle-authored Scripture on Christ’s Atonement. At first glance you might think that it is another theology book that just dives into the facts of Christ’s atonement throughout the New Testament and not much more. But as I finished part one and started part two, I knew this would be a different kind of beast.

I really could have finished this book in a week (only 290 pages) but as I started part two I knew that I needed to take my time and chew on each chapter. I won’t go into great detail of what I read, because that would result in a really long post. (If you would  like a better breakdown of the book, check out this website put out by Bridges & Bevington) But I have referenced this book in prior posts along the way of reading it. (you read them here, and here.)

I will close with a endorsement on the back of the book by Michael Horton,

“The Gospel announces a great exchange: the innocent God-Man assuming our debt as we inherit his righteousness. Those who love to hear that story will love to read this book and will be filled with fresh enthusiasm to share it with others.”

That is exactly what this book has done in my life. It has given me a greater passion for ministry and evangelism as I read along with Bridges & Bevington the great gospel truth throughout the New Testament pages, that a Holy God sent His Perfect Son to die in my place. And with His death a Great Exchange happened that could never be accomplished on my own.

May God receive all the Glory!

I highly recommend this book for reading of any and all believers that would like to grow in grace and knowledge of their Lord Jesus Christ!

You can download the Foreword, Preface, and Introduction – PDF from Monergism Books website.