I had some free time this afternoon and so I visited my local Family Christian book store. This was the first time in over three years that I actually walked into a brick and mortar full-price christian book store. I am sure I won’t be back since I am used to spending far less for my books, but I did pick up a deal on this trip. I purchased “The Treasure Principle” by Randy Alcorn. Oh and I also snagged a pocket sized tru-tone ESV for $5… which was definitely worth it. But I digress to the point of this post. A review of the book I purchased. Yes this book is short, I am not a speed reader. It took me about 2.5 hours to read in two settings, but Alcorn is such a good writer it helped at digesting what he was writing.

ttpThe book is basically broken down into 6 Treasure Principle Keys (as he calls them). All of which I have heard before in some fashion, but he does a good job shedding new light on each principle with good stories and scriptural support. His motive in writing this book is to draw our attention to why we have what we have and to think hard about how we use what has been given to us. He mentions many times throughout the book, as one of his principles, that what we “own” is not really ours, but that God gave it to us and we are entrusted with using it for His glory. We are God’s money managers on earth. He poses some hard questions for all believers to answer, “What person are you living for? What place are you living for? What possessions are you living for?”

There is only one small section in this book that I disagree with concerning his opinion that believers need to share what they give openly with each other, i.e. money amounts. I do believe in accountability within the family of God, but I feel that this would be unbalanced and lead to pride or a misguided understanding to immature believers on why we give. I feel believers are open to share what they give, but to be very aware that they don’t encourage legalism and boasting.

Overall a great book, 120 pages in length and can be purchased for $10. This is a definite read for new believers that don’t understand biblical giving and also a great refresher for those that have fallen off the wagon in their giving to God and His ministry throughout the world.