Yesterday was my birthday and I am getting old. I have never felt very old, maybe because of my childish good looks.

But today I realized… I old. I am 32 and feel all of 42. I now keep my hair pretty short, because I can hide the gray hairs easier. I first noticed this last birthday and it has only gotten worse during the year. Luckily I still have a full head of hair, unlike my brother two years older. 🙂 1226061254

I am also being a little more forgetful as of late. Yesterday I was busy getting some information packets together to send out to Pastors and also keeping an eye on our 3 yr old while we potty train her. I was so consumed with getting things done and getting lunch ready that I served her an hour early. I put her down for her nap a whole hour early. When my wife called to see how the morning was going, I told her Madelyn was down for a nap and she asks “why so early”? I realized I am either losing my mind.

We then decided to take a little trip into Tacoma to drop some things off at the post office. After riding the bus into town, we walked down one block (downhill) and when we reached the bottom I was a little winded. I couldn’t believe it!

It’s official – I’m old! But don’t feel bad for me… just think how my parents feel.