Today I am finishing up on a sermon that I am preaching on Sunday evening. Since December I have not had a lot of opportunities to preach or teach and so when the time comes to preach, I get kind of giddy. I also don’t like to share beforehand on what I am preaching about, and I not sure why that is. Maybe I enjoy the secrecy or maybe I’m afraid someone will say something to change my mind on the content of my sermon.

dealingwithdiscouragementBut for full disclosure I will share what my sermon title and some content will be. I will be preaching a topical sermon (a type of sermon that I really don’t enjoy preaching or hearing – I won’t get into that :0) on the topic of “Dealing with Discouragement”. I am using three individuals from the Old Testament: Moses, Elijah & Jonah to give examples on how NOT to allow ourselves to get discouraged and then apply ways on how we can defeat and eliminate discouragement from our lives.

I will post my notes next week  in multiple posts and hopefully it will bring some discussion.

Maybe even have some audio if they record it (I’m not a big fan of hearing myself preach).


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