I thought for this post I would reference The Resurgence’s website for all of the notes from the conference and give a few highlights from day two and three.

For most of the past 10 months I have been carrying around a Moleskine journal. I have never been much of a journal type of person, but this has come in handy for note taking and general good ideas (of which there are many empty pages for the second one). I couldn’t help but notice a lot of attendee’s carrying around a Moleskine journal during the conference (must be the “fad” thing to do, glad I figured that out and now I am offically cool!).

So, I will open up my Moleskine journal and share some thoughts that stuck out from day two and three.

Kenneth Edward Copeland (not to be confused with Kenneth Copeland) was the first speaker and was great, probably the best in my opinion. He preached from 2 timothy 3:1-9, preaching in the last days. “Since we are in the last days, we have no time for recreational preaching!” Some people will gather up preachers to tickle their ears, but we need to preach truth and preach it now. Another one of his phrases throughout, “You can arrange the wood – but God can only send the fire!” What a impacting sermon – download it here for listening pleasure.

Bryan Chapell was next and preached on 2 Timothy 3:10-4:5. His message was entitled “Preach the Word!” He did a great exposition of this passage and here are a few highlights. “Augustine said, ‘When the Bible speaks, God speaks! The church is God’s mouth house.” He talked about how the inerrancy of scripture is fading away among churches in this last generation. “Ultimately believing that the Bible is the word of God is an act of faith. May we all be faithful!.” You can download the message here – enjoy!

Day three:

First up was Ligon Duncan. I have heard Duncan preach before and sometimes he can be hard to follow, but after he finished his lengthy introduction he jumped into the passage and was clear, concise and very convicting. His job was to close the letter of 2 Timothy (4:6-22) and he did an excellent job expounding the text. Here are a few highlights: “Theology informs our methodology – not the other way around! God will build His church.”

He talked about the warnings in 4:14-18: “Paul said to Timothy to not be surprised when you find yourself alone. Being faithful in gospel ministry does not mean you won’t be all alone. Don’t wimp out!” The benediction in the letter was very convicting on how we communicate with God’s people. “When that benediction comes we don’t leave the Lord, but He goes with us! Grace be with you – that is how we can go and serve, through grace.” What a great message and one you will want to listen to – download it here.

D.A. Carson was last to end the conference and he also didn’t disappoint. I would like to summarize his message, but feel I wouldn’t do it complete justice so I again encourage you to download it and hear for yourself. Carson is one man that when I hear him preach I almost have to put away my notes and zero in on what he is saying and hope to listen to the message again. And that is what I need to do, so no notes for this message.

I hope this was a blessing as it was to me! Thanks to all for the encouragement to go to this conference, it was well worth the time.