justdosomethingI picked up this book while I was at The Gospel Coalition conference last week, because I had heard about it on Tim Challies blog (you can read his review here). It is a relatively short book consisting of 122 pages and also short because I read it in a day and I am not a quick reader by my estimation. The whole premise of the book is to challenge young people (I guess older people too) to stop sitting in your closet waiting for a “word from the Lord” and get out there and do something. “Too often, he writes, God’s people tinker around with churches, jobs, and relationships, worrying that they haven’t found God’s perfect will for their lives.” (back cover).

He jumps right into the topic by sharing his confusion with most “christians” view of understanding the will of God. “…we should stop thinking of God’s will like a corn maze, or a tightrope, or a bull’s eye, or a choose-your-own-adventure novel.” All four of those ideas of finding God’s will have been shown to me, preached to me and shared with me by many different people in my life. All of which are fruitless and contradictory to what the Word of God says. “Faith in Jesus does not guarantee that everything will go our way.” What a truth that we frequently forget. That in our lives as believers we should expect hard times, trials that will make us stronger for His service. But when we pray for God’s are we praying for the hard times to come or always are we expecting an easy time and paint it as God’s will because it was painless. One thought that he hammered on (at least in my mind) was that “God’s will is always your sanctification.” (emphasis added). God desire to mold us and make us into a creation that is fit for His service and that means that I need to change.

I could definitely go on and give a lot of quotes that I have wrote in my journal while reading, but I think you should go out and but this book. And to put it the wrong way – “God told me that He wants you to read this book” Go read it and buy up copies to give to those in your life that are waiting on God to “show” them something and challenge them to Just Do Something!


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