This session was not following the same pattern of the rest, as is normal for Driscoll. It was somewhat like a comedy routine at the beginning, although it seemed Driscoll was not necessarily going there. It also seemed like everyone under the age of 30 was hyped up to hear him, like he was the rock-star of the conference. After his somewhat calm introduction, he didn’t disappoint them.

He had an interesting and somewhat difficult passage (2 Timothy 2:14-26) to preach in this arena, and so he took it in another direction rather than expounded the text. It seemed to work with this crowd. He began by stating that there are three types of people in your churches – Positive, Negative and Neutral. He then jumped off in a effort to list 20 characteristics of Negative people that will or have been in your church. (see The Resurgence for the list). This list seemed to take a long time, mostly because he paused for comedy between each one, which was needed and understood by all that were there.

One thing he did mention was that Paul was the one that was pointing out to Timothy’s church who the negatives were, which I’m sure was huge help to Pastor Timothy who didn’t need to name names. In this you can see Paul’s deep concern and care for Timothy to succeed in this ministry.

Driscoll continued to share then a list of 20 Positives from the text (see The Resurgence for the list) and this was good, uplifting and every encouraging.

I think I came away from this all with a real sense that Driscoll was opening up his heart to everyone. Admitting he has made mistakes and that he is still growing, as all of us should be in our ministries. His final thought that stuck out to me was this, “God always uses negatives for positives. He brings the fruit.”