Although most of this conference could be applied to anyone who is faithfully serving in a local church, Rykien’s message seemed to apply most to those that are called into full-time Christian service, namely those called to preach the Word faithfully each week. I certainly don’t want to corner him into that only application, but that is how I understood the thrust of his preaching.

The most identifiable attribute to his sermon was this idea that fruitful and successful ministry ONLY comes through faithfulness. “There are many times in ministry when we are carried by the Holy Spirit”.

His points were:

  1. An Apostolic Call to Faithful Ministry (2 Timothy 1:13-14)

Being a faithful minister requires being of sound faith – sound doctrine! And this comes only through the power of Christ Jesus. To trust Jesus for everything – that breeds faithfulness. It is not us, it is not what I do… it’s Jesus! And then… get this, He entrusts US! Wow, again God shows Himself powerful and personal in that He choose me – not just for salvation, but to go and preach the gospel of which I have been entrusted.

Am I faithful?

  1. A Personal Example of Faithful Ministry (1:15-18)

He shared that it is hard to continue in the ministry – we see men all the time that fall away. They choose to leave the ministry for an easier 9-5 job.

Paul didn’t want Timothy to quit, to give up. He wanted to instill in him the need to have faithfulness in ministry, because it will get hard.

  1. A Sacred Trust Transmitted to Faithful Men (2:1-2)

Paul was in the business of training others to do the work of the ministry. He knew that someday he would have to die for the sake of the gospel and the ministry needed to continue. Praise God for this! He wanted Timothy to do the same, train faithful men to teach others also. I was struck with how this has happened in my life – what men have poured their time and effort into my life? There are many and I am very thankful for their sacrifice.

  1. Illustrations of Faithful Work (2:3-7)

He reminded of the need to keep focused on the task at hand. As Paul says, “No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier” v. 2:4 Why do we entangle ourselves in things that have no eternal significance? Don’t get distracted in the ministry with fruitless pursuits. God has enlisted us and we should want to please Him with our ministry.

  1. Command to Remember the Faithful Savior (2:8-13)

Remember Jesus! Preach the Gospel to yourself each day – don’t forget what the price was paid for you.

Remember the absolute faithfulness of a faithful God! How can He be anything but faithful? Even our unfaithfulness cannot stop a faithful God. Amen!

Great session – go get the audio!